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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about September 29:
» Boy George was expelled from school on this day in 1976. Most likely for bumming.* And it's 20 years since George and his Culture Club pals were at No.1 with Karma Chameleon.
» One of Jennifer Lopez' marriages took place on this day in 2001. We'll be buggered if we can remember who the groom was, though.
» David Essex set out for Uganda in 1992 to begin a month-long teacher training post in Uganda. His stated aim was to put on a student production of Godspell, but sadly history does not record how he fared.
» An experiment by Tomorrow's World in 1999 revealed that people were more likely to convict an ugly person of a crime than an attractive one. Sounds fair to us.
» Singer Matt Goss is celebrating his birthday today. And Luke Goss is 35 today. Conincidence? We're not so sure. Suzanne Shaw, of Hear'say and Shagging Darren Day fame, is 22. And Ian Baker, the keyboard player out of Jesus Jones, is 38.
*not true.

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