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Why, Jack Maddox, you're nothing but a c*nt

Ha! You thought we had forgotten about the House of Elliot quiz, didn't you? No such luck. Here are the next batch of questions:
4. What was the first job that Evie was forbidden to accept?
a) "Pole-dancing in Secrets in Hammersmith"
b) "Dancing in a respectable establishment"
c) "Street walking"
5. Why wasn't she allowed to accept the job?
a) Because... "She was shit!"
b) Because... "It is a brothel!"
c) Because... "Some utter cads use those places!"
6. How many seconds did it take for Tilly to pick up the pregnant dying woman (also known as her "friend") on the pavement?
a) 0 - she responded immediately
b) 2 - she didn't notice she was ill until she had fallen over
b) 10 - she stood watching the woman waiting for her to fall over, waited a few more seconds and then ran to help her.
7. What did Penelope Maddox give to the poor?
a) "Rashions!"
b) "Provisions!"
c) "Thrush!"
8. In episode one, how many children had Tilly's friend given birth to within the past 18 months?
a) the humanly possible one
b) the humanly possible two
c) the completely impossible two, plus one mis-carriage
d) none, she's infertile
9. What did the Eliott sisters' father leave them when he passed away?
a) "Nothing, he equipped us for nothing!"
b) "Beautifully styled hair!"
c) "Everything! We're rich. Filthy rich!"
» Tomorrow: Cloaks, bells, what-have-you.

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