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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Wednesday, September 17:
» On this day in this year, Neil of lowculture fame finally got off his arse and did his first post in over a week, while making cunning reference to his ace holiday in Florida.
» Researchers at the University of Florida (yay!) claimed that swearing could relieve stress in 1996. Well, fuck us if we don't agree!
» A year later, a Florida (hoorah!) woman was charged with throwing deadly missiles, after chucking a circular saw, a telephone, and frozen chicken legs at her boyfriend. If only she'd just had a good old swear at him instead.
» Bob The Builder (eh?) was holding the number one spot in 2001 with "Mambo No 5". But wait a cotton-pickin' minute! Lou Bega was doing exactly the same on this day in 1999 with the same song!
» Anne Bancroft, who famously got her norks out in The Graduate celebrates her *gasp* 72nd birthday today. We bet Dustin Hoffman wouldn't be quite as keen to drop his drawers for her any more.
» The Testicle Festival at Rock Creek Lodge, Clinton, Montana begins today, running until 21st September. We'll leave the jokes to you.

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