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You wouldn't believe what's been going on round here.
» Our Neil has flounced off to Florida for a week. Jammy get.
» As a result, we've not done any Low Points for today. Sorry. Coronation Street should be good, though, as Madam Rickett is back, and he's not been getting any uglier. And The Games on Channel 4 is shaping up to be a veritable hoot-a-rama.
» Jodie from ITV's Surprise Wedding has, somewhat belatedly, been in touch.
"I would just like to let you know that yes, all of the Suprise Wedding couples did get married, as I am the one with the strange head dress, Jodie!"
"And we are all happily married – Sonia and Mick have a Baby boy on the way, called Buddy, and he's due Christmas day."
Hoorah! Again.
"We are all planning to go to Barcelona in February for our 1st anniversary."
Triple hoorah! Let's hope Kate Thornton is free to accompany you for some kind of ITV2 special.
» We've had an email from someone we suspect might be Lauren Waterworth's dad. He's touched by the support we've given Pete Waterman's much-maligned teenage prodigy, and would like you all to know that Lauren has a new website. But we've forgotten the link, and still can't get our mitts on the lowculture email. So you will just have to wait.
» It's only a week until the new series of Terri McIntyre starts on BBC3.
» Isn't it all just so exciting?
Anyway, normal lowculture service will be resumed at some point this week (as if you cared), so watch this space.

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