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Thursday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Liquid News 8pm, BBC3 ... We're currently digitally challenged, and one of the things we're missing most (apart from non-stop Justin Timberlake videos on MTV Hits and stripping slappers on Friendly TV) is our daily dose of Paddy O'Connell. Boo!
» Canterbury Tales 9pm, BBC1 ... Billie Piper gets her kit off for her art.
» Sweet Medicine 9pm, ITV1... lowculture favourite Jason Merrells (him out of Cutting It) is in this, and he's talking all posh and everything. Unfortunately, it's pretty dull stuff, and a poor replacement for the psychotic murder-fest that Peak Practice became by the time it was cruelly yanked off our screens.
» The Salon: Back In Business 10pm, Channel 4 ... Grumpy manager Paul is the only survivor from the original team, which is a shame, 'cos we found him really annoying. They're hoping a move to London's West End will help them attract celebs of a higher calibre than Paul from A1 and that bird who was in Dream Team, and for our sakes, we can only hope they fail.
» Is there something else that we should be watching? Click on the comment box below.

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