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My dear Beatrice! Is that your real hat?

All good things must come to an end. And, sadly, today is the last day of our House of Elliot quiz. Response to our coverage of the Elliot sisters has been surprisingly positive, though, so be warned – they will return.
10. What film character does Penelope Maddox look like when riding about town in her cloak upon a bike (complete with bell)?
a) The tooth fairy from Darkness Falls.
b) Mel B.
c) Mel C.
11. Which of the below Eliott servants has had a starring role in Bad Girls as one of the two Julies?
a) Tilly
b) Madge
c) Agnes
12. In what time period was The House Of Eliott set?
a) "the roaring 20s"
b) "the second world war"
c) "a caffeine enduced hallucination"
13. Which educational interactive television show has recently been receiving text messages from The Sisters Eliott?
a) Bid-up.TV
b) Babe Talk.TV
c) Private Dancer
14. Which Queer As Folk (UK) character did Evie star alongside in the critically acclaimed movie My Kingdom?
a) Stuart
b) Vince
c) Nathan
15. If you watch The House Of Eliott, what lessons will you never have to pay for again?
a) Elocution
b) Sex ed.
c) Cross-stitch
d) a & c
16. What is life without The House Of Eliott?
a) Meaningless
b) Empty
c) Not worth living
d) all of the above plus as bad as watching the video by 2wenty 4 Se7en more than once.
» Remember, there's some sort of prize on offer for anyone who can answer all these questions correctly. Send your responses to this address.

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