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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Thursday, September 18:
» Dee dee na na na! Whigfield was at number one on this day in 1994 with Saturday Night.
» Steven Spielberg received the Distinguished Civilian Service Award from the Army, after a private screening of Saving Private Ryan. Little did they know he planned to make the rest of us watch it, too . . .
» Joanne Catherall from out of The Human League is 41 today. But if Richard X does another remix, she might actually be only 24 (we think).
» A wannabe New York cop with an IQ of 125 was turned down in 2000 - because he was deemed to be too clever.
» Pouty 80s singer Gary Newman failed in his attempt to travel round the world in a single-engined plane after making an unscheduled landing in India and being arrested. No wonder he sang about cars and not Cessnas.
» Two years ago, the then plainly-named Jennifer Lopez swore she'd stand by her man, Sean "Puffy" Combs, and marry him in jail if she had to. Ben Affleck must be sitting comfortably now that she's swearing their wedding has only been put off because of media pressure.

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