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Above and beyond the call of duty?

It's a tough job being a lowculture correspondent. We scoured the whole of the Universal Orlando Resort last week just to add to the site's hand-picked readership.
We sipped chilled beer in the club lounge, attended a unique Oscars bash and shat ourselves on the Jurassic Park ride* to ensure only those best suited to enjoy what we have to offer received their golden tickets to view - and they're all Brits!
So, today we wish a warm welcome to Naomi, Simon, Ashley, Mark, Paul, Susan, Ryan, Dave and Miles to the folds of lowculture (okay, okay, it's a bit pink, but the headache will subside within an hour. Or two)
We hope you all become regular viewers, but for the meantime: "I love you baby, and if it's quite alright, I need you, baby, . . . er . . . nur-nur nur-nur-nur-nuuur."
*Not literally. So very nearly, but not quite.

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