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Jesus *hearts* you

If your weekly copy of Sneak magazine is failing to nourish you spiritually, it will delight to learn that an American company has launched a new version of the Bible, in teen mag form.
Publishers Thomas Nelson, sensing that the youth of today have no time for the Good Book, have decided to offer them the Good Magazine instead.
Unusually for a teen mag, it doesn't contain any problem pages featuring teenage girls who fear they have got pregnance (as one correspondent to the legendary Jackie magazine put it) from a warm bus seat.
And while ordinary mags might ask: "Are you too young to sleep with your boyf?", Revolve wants to know: "Is your boyfriend a godly man in training?"
It does contain some red-hot features, though – as most of them about going to hell. The beauty section, for example, tells of "spiritual facials" , where the "fire of God's love burns the sin the same way the hot steam routs the dirt out of your pores."
Predictably, some stuffy religious types have expressed concern that Revolve may dilute the purpose of reading the scriptures. But who cares about them, eh?

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