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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Saturday, September 20:
» Three years ago, Greater Manchester Police published a report banning words and phrases thought to cause offence. Officers were expected to stop using such phrases as "a person of the other persuasion", "cretin", "happy clappy" and, ahem, "the deaf".
» On this day in 1993 it was reported that six shipwrecked people survived for 34 days in the sea of the Phillipines by eating their clothes, proving there is a place for edible undies after all.
» The Chilean Great Gastronomic Kitty Festival of Cat Cookery was cancelled after pressure from animal rights groups in 1997. Probably because they weren't using organic potatoes or something.
» Two years ago, an investigation *cof* was launched *cof-cof* into Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant Major Charles *cof* Ingram following allegations of *cof* suspicious coughing from the audience.
» Tommy Steele became the first popular singer to be immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds. We're not sure if he's still inside.
» Happy birthday to Tomorrow's World and Robot Wars presenter Philippa Forrester. She's 35 today.
» Hoorah! It's National Chocolate Day today. As if we needed an excuse. Even better, British Food Fortnight begins today, too.

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