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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Monday, September 22.
» Creepy! In 1998 it was warned there would be a bumper crop of house spiders, as the bad summer provided them with plenty of insects.
» Also creepy! The mayor of French town Lavando issued a decree banning residents from dying, because there was no room left in the cemetery in 2000.
» The James Bond film Goldfinger was premiered on this day in 1964, which is roughly the same amount of times Shirley Bassey has sung the theme tune since (possibly).
» Bruce Springsteen was to appear on MTV's acoustic Unplugged series, but his preference for electric guitars led the show to be renamed Plugged for his appearance. There's always one . . .
» While it's two years since DJ Otzi was at number one with Hey Baby, that doesn't stop anyone passing our residence at 3am on a Saturday from thinking it's still in the charts, and blasting it out at the top of their lungs.
» Happy birthday to Sue Perkins, half of comedy duo Mel and Sue, who's 34 today. Billie Piper turns *gasp* 21 today (is that all?), while Davina McCall's daughter, Holly, is two.
» National Grandparents Online Week begins. We've turned up the volume especially.

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