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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Tuesday, September 23:
» It was reported on this day in 1998 that Russian teachers were paid in vodka for months of wages owed to them. Tch! And we don't even get the choice of cutting out the middle man like that.
» Two years ago, Prince William began a four year History of Art degree at St Andrews University. He decided not to attend Freshers Week because he "thought he'd end up in a gutter, wrecked."
» Julio Iglesias turns 60 today, while fellow singer Bruce Springsteen hits 54. It's also the birthday of Mrs Tony Blair, Cherie Booth, who apparently beats stress by singing football songs and sea shanties.
» Chemists across the country were saying sales of Viagra were failing to, er, "rise" on the first day of its availability in 1998. Except in Reading, that is, where supplies sold out by lunchtime.
» Conspiracy of the day: In 1969 rumours apread that Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in Scotland some three years previously. He was alleged to have been replaced by lookalike William Campbell, who had supposedly undergone plastic surgery.
» The first Roman emperor, Augustus, was born on this day in 63BC. Seemingly quite a vain chap, he liked to soften his leg hairs by singeing them with red-hot walnut shells.
» National Eye Week begins today. Be careful with yours: We hear you don't get a second set like you do with teeth.

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