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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about August 15:
» It emerged in 2000 that Michael Douglas was being sued by a fellow golfer after a stray shot allegedly hit the man and ruptured a testicle.
» Boyzone scored their fourth No.1 with No Matter What in 1998, making them the first Irish group to achieve this unremarkable feat. They also became the first act in history to reach the top five with their first 12 single releases. They were still rubbish though. A year later, Westlife became the first boy band to have two number ones with their first two singles.
» Jenny Hanley off Magpie (ask your parents) is 56 today. Ben Affleck, who is possibly still half of the evil Bennifer creature, is 31 today. And former pop god Simon Dawbarn is 29 today. "Who the fuck is Simon Dawburn?", we hear you shriek. Well, if we said the magic words "Party people, (Yeah!) It's Friday night!", would they ring any bells? Yes, it's Spike from 911. Another rubbish former popstar enjoying a birthday today is Boyzone's Mikey Graham – who, somewhat unbelievably, is only 26.
UPDATE: Proving that you should not believe everything you read (especially if you read it here), we are pleased to bump Mikey Graham's age up to a more accurate 31.

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