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Absolutely Krankulous

Don't be surprised if you recognise a certain cheeky grin when the next series of Absolutely Fabulous hits our screens this autumn.
For appearing in the second episode will be none other than 80s children's TV star Jeanette Tough. What do you mean: "who?"
Okay, so our picture gives it away: Jeanette is none other than Jimmy Krankie, of long standing comedy duo The Krankies.
The 56-year-old Scot is ditching her trademark blazer, ginger wig and cap to appear as (gasp!) a woman. We're not entirely sure if this counts as cross-dressing or not. In fact, the whole thought of it makes our brains hurt.
The tiny star is keeping tight-lipped about her role in the show, but admits: "It makes a nice change to play a woman."
We're not entirely sure what to expect, but we remain hopeful it will be nothing like Jeanette's appearance on Banzai, when she bared her breasts*.
But what of husband Ian? Don't worry, the 56-year-old will also be gracing our screens in the near future, and he didn't even have to don a dress to score the job - The Krankies will be back in character for a brief cameo in a future episode of Teachers on Channel 4.
*Yes, REAL lady breasts. Surely that's just wrong?

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