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Monday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today.
» Loose Women 11.30am, ITV1 ... Just when you thought this mid-morning lady yakfest couldn't get any better, they add Donna Air, Helen Adams and Terri "Ruth off Hollyoaks" Dwyer to the presenting team. Genius!
» Loose Lips with Melinda and Richard 6pm, LivingTV ... Melinda and, particularly, Richard will be delighted by their guests this evening – two men with great big heads. Don't get too excited, though – it's only the Barndance Boys, who are plugging their single, Yippie-I-Oh. We are all, in a very real sense, gonna get down tonight.
» Doctor Who 6pm, UK Gold ... A new prime-time run of the crumbly old sci-fi show begins with the first two Tom Baker episodes, in which a giant robot falls in love with Sarah Jane Smith and tries to run away with her, King Kong-style.
» Angel 7.30pm, Five ... Angel struggles to be a good father, but hordes of the undead, a sinister law firm and a revenge-hungry vampire slayer all conspire to make his life difficult. Perhaps he could solve some of these problems by ... oh, we don't know ... taking his shirt off, say.
» Liquid News 8pm, BBC3 ... This gets more ridiculously entertaining by the day – last week's episode where Jenny Eclair ended up talking about merkins at 8.15pm and Paddy was enjoying himself so much he quite forgot to read out any of the stories, was a particular delight. Tonight, David Sneddon will be in the studio plugging his new single.
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