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Some good news, at last

It's been a difficult few weeks here at lowculture towers, what with the splits of the Gests and the Ryders, the end of One True Voice and the realisation that yet another month has passed without the BBC broadcasting a new series of Terri McIntyre: Classy Bitch (we know you've made one – just show it!).
So it's heartening to be able to report some good news for a change. (And by report, we mean "repeat". And by news, we mean "completely unconfirmed gossip we read on some website or other"). Because it seems that Pete Waterman's teenage musical prodigy, Lauren Waterworth, is back in the studios at PWL recording a new album.
This seems like a bit of a waste, of course, as Lauren has already recorded a perfectly good album that was never released. But Pete knows best. Let's hope the new sessions yield a single as good as The Show, which was so ground-breakingly amazing and likely to cause dangerous stampedes at HMV that Jive Records wisely decided not to release it at all.

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