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Buy me a Timber(fake)

Finally, we can pay for Justin Timberlake to be at our beck and call whenever the fancy takes us.
Well, not Justin exactly, but a fairly convincing doppleganger called Dominic Curtin (pictured).
The 18-year-old has signed up for lookalike agency Reel to Real after his friends pointed out his striking similarity to the snake-hipped one.
Dom now has ambitions to become Justin's official decoy, and can be booked under the moniker of Justin Timberfake.
For further lookey-likeys, head along to Toplookalikes where you'll find some good (Joanna Lumley, Camilla Parker-Bowles), some not so good (Davina McCall, most of the Elton Johns) and some seemingly pointless copycats (Town Crier, anyone?).
Sadly, we couldn't find a Betty Boo clone anywhere in the list.

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