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Recipe for a perfect night out

500 bottles of Smirnoff Ice.
The lowculture team.

» Drink all the Smirnoff Ice
» Receive word that the Fast Food Rockers are in town, and will be performing at 2am in a nightclub for homosexuals.
» Stride purposefully out of different nightclub and proceed immediately to join the bummers. (Optional: Sing the Fast Food Song as you march up the street)
» On arrival, pay £7 (£7!) to get in.
» Mix with strangely attractive homosexuals until simmering.
» Add yet more Smirnoff Ice.
» Mentally prepare for arrival of the Rockers. When ready, push to the front and wait.
» Watch the Rockers appear, and sing the Fast Food Song.
« Use camera phone to take picture of them doing this
» Decide to ask the boy, Martin, to go home with you at the end. Think better of it.
» Watch Rockers sing a different song (Stompin'!) and then a slightly faster mix of the Fast Food Song.
» Shed a tear as they are ushered off round the back way by two (two!) bouncers.
» Resolve not to reveal recipe on your website until the shame has died down, or the following Thursday, whichever is the soonest.

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