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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about July 5:
» Steve Wilson and Emma Ledden got the boot from Live and Kicking in 2000.
» Five's debut album went to No.1 in the charts in 1998.
» Kate Winslet set up a film production company with her hubby, Jim Threapleton, in 2000. Wonder how that's doing now?
» The Summer Redneck Games are taking place in Georgia, USA, today. The events include the mud-pit belly flop, the hubcap hurl and, of course, bobbing for pigs' feet.
» The Proclaimers continue to lay waste to large swathes of Scotland on their latest tour. Tonight, they hit the fleshpots of Stornoway.
» Shane from Westlife is 24 today. Hasn't he grown? Celebrity hairdresser and ex-husband of Lulu, John Frieda, is 52. And Etienne de Silhouette, the French minister of finance who, for some reason, gave his name to outline portraits, was born on this day in 1709.

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