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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about July 9:
» Marc Almond, one of several celebrities to have been wrongly accused of having a pint of semen pumped from his stomach, is 44 today. OJ Simpson, famous for definitely not murdering his wife or any of her friends, is 49 – as is Debbie, one of the Sisters Sledge. And Faith, Hope and Charity singer Dani Behr is 29. Whatever happened to her, eh?
» The doughnut-cutter was patented on this day in 1982. Mmmm ... doughnuts!
» This time three years ago, The Corrs were at No.1 with Breathless. Can any of you remember how it went now? Thought not. Claiming the top spot this time 15 years ago was Glenn Medeiros, with Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You.
» The International Cliff Richard Movement met for the first time, in 1974. Predictably, the event took place in a church.
» Posh made her first solo public appearance at a concert in Hyde Park with Dane Bowers and the Truesteppers. It's sad – and, to a lesser extent, funny – to refect that no part of that memorable musical triumverate has had any great success since.

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