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Paper chase

How pleased we were that lowculture favourite Orlando Bloom made a welcome - although slightly fidgety - return to the Graham Norton hot seat last night.
Orlando, who switches from blonde elf to bumfluffed seafarer for his latest movie, Pirates of the Carribean, was given guidance on French kissing as he discussed his first big screen romance.
And we were particularly impressed when Graham showed him The Orlando Bloom Files website, where you can print out and dress your own Orlando paper doll.
Tracking down the site for ourselves, we were even more pleased to be able to save our ink cartridges and play with mini-Bloom directly on the site (we think he looks rather fetching in the red velvet jacket, coupled with a kilt and boots).
However, we would suggest technophobe Orlando gives the site a try, as the usually sharp dresser wasn't looking his most stylish last night.
The casual togs were one thing, but we just don't think the world's ready for a Michael Knight hairdo revival just yet.

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