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Little Shah, you've had a busy day

Sober he's smiley. Guttered he's grouchy.
So far, so constant, you might think, but Ray has been displaying a much wider range of emotions over the last few days.
He's survived an eviction, got extremely drunk, and had the pressure of picking the evictees for this week after winning a race of mechanical animals - all within the space of a few hours.
After his little furry friend (no, not that one) gamboled to the end of the race track, The Irishman found his success came with a mixed cost.
As a result, we've summarised what might have been going through his mind over the last few days:
» Hooray! He has been landed with the title Head of House.
:: Boo! He has to get up early to dish out chores
» Hooray! He doesn't have to do the chores
:: Boo! He will be solely responsible for Wednesday's task, which will determine the food budget for the coming week
» Hooray! If he wins, everyone will think he's great
:: Boo! If he gets it wrong, everyone will think he's a twat
» Hooray! He's excused from being nominated this week
:: Boo! He alone has to nominate the three housemates who will be up for eviction
» Hooray! It (probably) means Single White Female Lisa will go on Friday
:: Boo! He might get a slap from the Welsh lass for his troubles
As the boy said himself, it's been a "rollercoaster of emotions" for Ray. So far this week we've had drunk! (Saturday night); drunk and angry! (later on Saturday night); elated! (winning the task); withdrawn! (realising he has to nominate); and upset! (crying over the nominations).
Most recently, we've also had bashful - a particularly apt description of his mood after revealing he's been getting busy with himself under the covers.
The poor boy will be knackered come Friday.
We'll find out tomorrow who Ray's nominated, and why. We think Cameron, Lisa and possibly Steph might make the list.
In the meantime, please keep us posted with any more emotions shown by the cheeky chappie by clicking on the comment link below

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