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Davina, we have a problem . . .

There we were, patiently waiting for Gos to receive his marching orders, when the TV showed a very different set of housemates (of the American and well-groomed variety).
Okay, so we got Friends instead of Big Brother. But what's happened? Initial overly dramatic suggestions included the following (along with a reason why they're not likely to be):
» Someone's died!* (How would you tell?)
» Lisa's got her cock out! (We're sure she doesn't have one)
» Cameron is taking Steph roughly over the sofa! (Just because it's wrong!)
» Ray's smeared all the lenses with his man juice! (On second thoughts, this is quite likely)
» They're all sitting on the sofa saying "fuck" or "bugger"! (As is this)
We'll have to wait till 10pm to find out what went wrong this evening. In all probability it's a technical fault, but the fact of the matter is this is the most exciting thing that's happened all series. Make the most of it while it lasts.
*P.S. We sincerely hope not.
UPDATE: Channel 4 has announced the postponement was due to a security alert (Justine! Give it up! You were evicted!). The housemates are "all alright" said the friendly voiceover woman.
The 8.30pm session was initially rescheduled for 10pm, with the eviction to follow at 11.15pm.
That postponement was later, er, postponed. The eviction will now take place tomorrow.

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