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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about July 14:
» Jason Donovan was a guest on The Dame Edna Experience in 1991.
» In a nationwide poll held in 1999, the people of Britain chose to name the next decade the zeroes. Other suggestions were 'the earlies' and 'the oh-ohs', while one in four people intimated that they really didn't give a fuck what they were called.
» King Kamehameha II and his Queen, of Hawaii, must have regretted their visit to Britain in 1823 – they died of measles on this day.
» The Everly Brothers broke up live on stage in 1973. The first signs that something was amiss came when Phil smashed up his guitar and stormed off stage. Don gamely continued the set, but was forced to confess at the end that it was all over. They didn't get back together for another 10 years.
» A special Spice Girls edition of Walkers Crisps went on sale in 1997, and they shifted over 16million bags by the end of the year.

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