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We're very disappointed

So disappointed, in fact, that it's taken this long to gather our thoughts. On Friday night, after Lisa made her unsurprising yet rather harsh exit from the Big Brother house, nearly two thirds of the British public (own up! we know some of you are responsible!) voted for dullard Jon Tickle to go back inside.
"I'm going to play with their minds," he told Davina before entering the house for a second time.
After the initial excitement at being back in, Jon quickly returned to type. So far, highlights have included his "knowing" comments to various house mirrors, and parading about in his dressing gown once again.
But it could all have been so different.
Usually, we are quite happy to watch the proceedings develop from a distance, but for the first time we decided to cast a vote and made our plea for Lisa to return to the house.
We can picture the scene. The white doors would slide apart to show the Welsh lass with a mischievous grin, before striking fear into the housemates with the line: "They got the count wrong. Cameron, it's you."
In our minds, she would then have informed the Orcadian he had one hour to pack his bags before revealing the truth at the last minute.
Instead, we have Jon. Jon and his dressing gown. Jon and his Star Wars stories. Jon and his riveting insights into the world. And just as things were finally beginning to get interesting . . .

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