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Lynne: This time she lasted!

Britain beware! Big Brother three contestant Lynne Moncrieff has revealed her desire to get back inside our homes.
But this time round the 37-year-old won't spend the time lounging on the sofa and teaching everyone Doric phrases.
No, the Buckie bright spark wants to build a career doing up our houses to get the best selling price after graduating from Aberdeen University with an Honours degree in the History of Art.
She joined hundreds of other students for a graduation ceremony in the Granite City earlier today.
"I've achieved what I've worked for for so long," said the former window-dresser.
"It was difficult going back to study after so long, but I enjoyed every second of the course."
Lynne, who is always in every straight clubbing venue in Aberdeen*, wants to see either Cameron or Ray win this year's Big Brother.
Having been the first to be evicted from last year's show, she is no doubt beaming all the more now that Welsh lass Lisa has taken up the vacant BB post of the-30-something-blonde-that-the-housemates-alientate-and-the-public-takes-an-instant-dislike-to.
But would you let her criticize your curtains or slag off your setee? Let us know by clicking on the comments box below.
*Well, it seems that way to us. Maybe we're being stalked (she did brush past with her bosoms once).

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