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New toy! New toy!

Now, it's not often we do product placement (certain calendars aside), but we're so chuffed with our newest possession that we just had to share it with you.
Our dance mat has been cast aside (for now) to make way for the PS2 EyeToy, which puts the player directly into the game with the aid of a nifty camera.
The dinky unit connects to the console and thereafter acts as controller for the game, with the furious waving of bodyparts activating menus and setting up the challenges.
Out of the 12 games included on the accompanying disc, we have two favourites so far.
The first, Kung Foo (pictured), sees the player fend off ninjas with a series of satisfying slaps and chops. It's particularly satisfying when the enemies fly forward and hit the screen with a hefty thump.
The second, Wishi Washi, sees participants waving hands frantically to clean windows of a blanket of thick suds. The game is oddly satisfying, as the hand motion makes a squeaky noise against the virtual panes. Extra points are given for removing bird poo. Kim and Aggie would be so proud.
In a separate Playroom section of the disc, slightly creepier options include a beehive which, if disturbed, will send a swarm of insects to attack. A similar game sees even scarier spiders zip across a web to cling to your body.
With PS2 broadband compatibility, and a good variety of games, the Eye Toy seems to justify its retail price of around £40.
Just don't play it in front of the window.

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