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Banquette mayhem

How much are we loving Paddy O'Connell on Liquid News? Millions, that's how much!
Admittedly, we have only actually seen him once, on Tuesday, but that was enough to tell us that it's going to be must-see telly from this day forward.
In case you missed it, he basically told all the guests they were talking showbiz bollocks, wound up Luke Goss (or whichever one it was they had in the studio) by telling him he fancied him about 17 times and interrupted poor Claudia Winkleman as she desperately tried to ask probing questions about Britney's bathroom. Hooray!
As you can see from our picture, the Wednesday show looks like it was a winner as well, with Brookie's Philip Olivier looking little short of terrified as Paddy appeared to be trying to get across the incredible length of something or other.
The late night repeat is starting just as we write this, but we're reluctant to watch it, as it can't possibly be better than the version of the show that's already playing in our heads (except it probably is).

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