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Doctor WHO?

Richard E Grant is to take a break from singing the Swasiland national anthem and starring in rubbish Argos adverts to become the new Doctor Who.
Well, sort of. BBCi is planning an internet cartoon to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the wobbly sci-fi show's first TV appearance, and Richard will be lending his voice to the proceedings as the ninth Doctor.
Paul Cornell, who wrote ace spook soap Springhill, as well as some top episodes of Casualty, is the author of The Scream of the Shalka.
And we're not talking the rubbish Flash of the recent Paul McGann effort, Shada, either – it's full animation all the way. An eventual DVD release is planned after the initial webcast, with a guest cast that's rumoured to include Craig Kelly from Queer as Folk and Derek Jacobi.
All of this is fantastic news for the BBC, who will be able to flog gullible fans shedloads of new tat on the back of the project. Hoorah!

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