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Friday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Stars Reunited 10am, BBC1 ... Can it really be the end of the week – and the series – already? Today, it's Tomorrow's World alumni, although whether Carol 'I'm just popping out to do some Ariel adverts' Vorderman will pitch up is anyone's guess. We can't imagine Judith Hann is doing anything else this morning, though, so she's a fairly safe bet.
» EastEnders 8pm, BBC1 ... Dr Trueman bids the Square a not-very-cheery farewell. Perhaps EE is not a completely lost cause after all.
» Big Brother 8.30pm, 10pm, Channel 4 ... Ding, dong, the witch is ... erm ... evicted. Probably
» Bo Selecta 11.15pm, Channel 4 ... Following last week's appearance of Tranny and Suzannah, we're wondering if Leigh Francis will delight us with How Clean Is Your House pair Prim and Saggie. But we don't mind if he doesn't, as long as Michael Jackson shows face. Muthafucka.
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