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Things we have already done today

By our reckoning it's only 9am, but we've achieved more already than most people do in a week.
We have ...
» ... got up.
» ... received a free S Club 'Say Goodbye' polyphonic ringtone from 02. So if you phone us today, that's what we will hear (NB - you're not getting our number).
» ... discovered that our beloved Crossroads lives on, in fan fiction form, and hatched an audacious plan to write an episode ourselves – more news as we get it.
» ... joined a Yahoo group devoted to Jane Gurnett.
» ... enjoyed the song Dancefloor Docusoap from Alcazar's new cd, Alcazarized, especially when one of the members is name-checked in the hilarious rhyming couplet: "Oh mi amore, it's Annikafiore".
» ... watched Triple 8 get wet and zip their faces off in the video for Give Me A Reason.
» ... got angry at the new Sneddon single, Best of Order. It starts off sounding like it might turn out to be good, with a hilarious talky counting bit, but in reality it is rubbish.
Who knows, we might even do some more stuff later. But we promise not to turn into one of those crappy weblogs where people bang on for 500 words about what they had on their toast that morning, so this ends here.

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