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Aw, not bings on toast again!

So Jon, who constantly cracked the whip over how the latest task should be tackled, has landed himself the title of bell-end by being partly responsible for its failure tonight.
Despite a few successful practice sessions, the housemates failed to correctly perform An English Country Garden with a selection of handbells.
After a promising start, things soon turned from tuneful to tearful as a series of clangs, clatters and clunters secured failure for the group.
Attentions were soon drawn to Jon's forgotten dong.
Let's rephrase that. The cocky data strategy manager (who supposedly earns closer to £30,000 rather than the £70,000 he previously claimed) lost his place in the routine and omitted to thrust his clapper.
Let's rephrase that, too: he screwed up.
Technically, the housemates are faced with £32.55 to spend on next week's shopping. However, we think Big Brother may have been worried they might suffer malnutrition if they weren't provided with a decent feed.
So, after being asked a taxing question ("What song did you just play?"), the team was rewarded with a Chinese meal, 32 bottles of beer and a further two bottles of wine.
Just in time, we reckon. Ray's already been complaining he's never been drier, and there's been far too little showing of loose tongues (in all respects) since the show started.
However, alcohol or not, our picture shows it hasn't taken long for Fed to get 'straight' back into his man-grabbing antics.

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