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Fuck me facts!

Amazing things about June 13:
» One-time Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana became an Irish MEP in 1999.
» Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones decided to end The Monkees in 1970. Oblivion followed, until Davy got the call to present pish 1980s kids' show Puzzle Trail.
» An American woman died of a heart attack after seeing a Britney Spears impersonator in 2000. Susan E Santodonato joined a 100-strong crowd outside a New York radio station on hearing a DJ claim Britney was inside, and dropped dead when the lookey-likey stepped outside.
» There's a cakeful of celebrity birthdays today – Denise from out of Five Star is 35, and Soren from Aqua is 34. And! The fantastic Kathy Burke is 39, while Kym Marsh, Lisa Riley and Jay from Five are all 27 (a great age to be, in case anyone was wondering).

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