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Friday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» To Buy Or Not To Buy 11.30am, BBC1 ... This has been on for a week now, and we're delighted that presenter Kristian has not got any uglier in the meantime. The programme's ok, too – in a not-quite-as-good-as Location, Location, Location sort of way.
» CHIPS 99 5.30pm, Bravo ... Eric Estrada dons his best corset to reprise his most famous (only?) role.
» The Simpsons 7.30pm, Sky One ... Marge gets a boob job.
» Big Brother 8.30pm and 10pm, Channel 4 ... Another one is going to get chucked tonight. If we were shallow, we would ask you not to punt Federico before we've seen him with his kit off. But we're not, so we won't.
» Will and Grace 9.30pm, Channel 4 ... Jack bumps into his heroine, Cher, but dismisses her as a lookey-likey drag queen.

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