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Tonight's investigation: Junk mail and papercuts

We're worried the Tonight with Trevor McDonald programme is running out of ideas, if last night's edition was anything to go by.
The hard-hitting current affairs show has obviously had its fill of terrorism, disease and disaster, what with the investigators most recent investigation focusing on the scourge of . . . Friends Reunited.
While many of us just sign on to the site to find out if we've done better than all the classmates we hated, the programme warned us of the very real dangers of logging on.
The show's evidence demonstrated the following:
a) That some bloke's wife cheated on him with another man; a former classmate she found through the website. She obviously wasn't like that beforehand.
b) That some woman hooked up with some bloke who turned out to be an arsehole. He obviously wasn't an arsehole beforehand.
c) That some old bloke met up with some old woman hoping for steamy hot pash, but she didn't fancy any. She obviously wasn't not-in-the-mood-for-it beforehand.
So take heed! Beneath the thin veil of various births, deaths, and marriages to be found on the website, there is also the harsh reality of scandal, deviousness and trickery that can only usually be found by, er, talking to people.

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