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Double Gurnett delight

Crossroads continues to surprise and delight as it thunders towards its final episode (sob!) at the end of next week.
Surprising because this week's episodes, a series of flashbacks explaining how Max, Angel, Kate and Ethan came to be entangled, set in the 1970s, are really good – they're well written, the young actors playing the junior versions of the main characters are good (especially Young Kate, who does a perfect impersonation of Jane Gurnett's voice and mannerisms), and there was a bit yesterday when Young Max morphed in to Present-Day Max, in the manner of Doctor Who.
Delightful because our heroine, Jane Gurnett, is playing a dual role, as Kate in the present-day stuff, and Mrs Black, Ethan's mother, in the flashbacks.
Obviously flush with the success of her previous doubling up (as an irate wife who phoned to warn Virginia off her man in a comedy West Country accent), she's going all-out this time and actually appearing on screen as well, in a comedy hat and wig.
Some of you have your own theories about why Kate and Ma Black look the same.
lowculture reader Alison writes: "Do you have any answers as to why Jane Gurnett is playing Ethan's Mum? Here's our theory... Ethan's mum had an affair with somebody and the result was Kate! She than had the child adopted and no one knew. Either that or Ethan and Kate were twins separated at birth, but he psychically knows it, hence the incestuous looks!".
By the way, we get literally several hits a week from people who are searching for pictures of Jane Gurnett with her tits out. Rest assured, if we ever find such pictures (and we're not going to be looking), we will publish them here immediately.

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