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Believe, and be very afraid!

In many ways, there would be no lowculture if the Eurovision Song Contest didn't exist (we would possibly be 75% less gay, for a start). But it does, there is, and we're not, so everyone's happy.
Anyway, the point (yes, we do have one) is that the contest is nearly upon us again, and it promises great things.
For a start, the BBC have, once again, signed up Lorraine Kelly to present all kinds of tv goodness on BBC3 (see Monday's Low Points below for details). We are also promised:
» An Austrian 'comedy' number
» A Romanian woman in her 50s trying to do techno.
» Huge noses from Malta and France.
» A Belgian entry that is sung in a completely made-up language.
» A German chorus of 'Let's Get Happy, Let's Be Gay'
And that's before we even begin to consider the possibility that Tatu might decide to have full fake lesbian sex, right there on the stage.
We'll be bringing you our own unique opinions on each and every song as the week progresses, and also naming our lowculture Eurovision Heroes, so keep visiting.

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