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What do you mean we missed a day? We had a hangover, OK? Anyway, nothing particularly amazing happened on May 17, unless you count Enya and Vernie Bennett's birthdays which, frankly, we don't. May 18, on the other hand, is much more interesting, for the following reasons:
» Martika is 34 today! If she has a party, there's every chance she will end up in the kitchen.
» Sarah Greene made her Blue Peter debut on this day in 1980. Just thinking about her makes us yearn for more innocent times, when the show's male presenters didn't whip their shirts off at every opportunity so that their gay fans could capture the results and post them on websites for similarly excitable homosexuals.
» Four years ago, Backstreet Boys were at No.1 with I Want It That Way. We suspect that if we were to approach them and actually offer it to them That Way, they would be singing a different tune.
» It was reported in 1999 that Mel G, as was, and Jimmy Gulzar were fighting to save their eight-month-old marriage. They can't have fought particularly hard, can they?

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