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Amazing fact about May 16:
» British film censors lost their battle to ban pornographic videos on this day in 2000. Hoorah!
» Stephen Gately revealed he had become a much more relaxed person since coming out as gay. Well, it does make it easier, Stephen.
» In 2002, it was revealed that Vinnie Jones was to team up with Westlife for a Christmas single – a cover of Sly and the Family Stone's Dance With Me. Whoever revealed it was obviously a fucking liar.
» Today, Jeanette Tough, better known as Jimmy Krankie, is 66. She still dresses up as a schoolboy on a regular basis, which is not right or proper for a woman of that age. Also celebrating are David Boreanaz, star of Angel, who is 32, and 90210's Tori Spelling, who turns 30. We would happily reward either of the two with a birthday shag on application. (NB: Offer not open to Tori Spelling)
» It's National Take Your Radio To Work Day. We suggest taking your radio to work to celebrate.

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