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Good times with Bad Girls

The new series of Bad Girls is now in full swing, and any website that doesn't engage a part-time lady with lesbian instincts and a worrying leather fetish to cover it is guilty of severe neglect. Happily, we have the High Priestess, and this is what she has to say ...
"Someone at ITV really loves us! From the high drama of The Bill to the high camp of Bad Girls tonight was, in short, pure lowculture paradise. There was (in no order of preference); Jack Meadows being masterful in a stab vest, Honey Harman proving, yet again, that bimbos rock, Jim Carver choosing the right woman (Marie rules!), Snowball and her tits, Shell and her tits, Karen Betts looking raaahhh, Neil and Di (the best comedy double act since... oooh... the Chuckle Brothers), dead men in coffins, jokes about Di having poles up her arse and our new favourite thing to say to people who piss us off ("Oh, go pluck your twat!"). In short, we love it. Roll on next Thursday.
"Oh and 'Coincidence or not?' moment of the evening? Jim Carver living in Larkhall Street. Whatever next? Neil Grayling shagging Luke Ashton?"

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