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The discussion on the new lowculture messageboard is proving to be every bit as fucking fabulous as we hoped it would be.
Here are some of the highlights from the first day of business:
» "Sunset Beach was the best, I became sooo hooked. Annie was the best, misunderstood I thought. When she stole Olivia's baby and to give to Catlin, who knew nothing, she wasn't just doing it to be mean."
» "I can't stand Linda Barker, Sian Lloyd or Antony Worral Thompson"
» "The theme tune of Shortland Street still rings into my head now and again. 'Is it you or is it me? la la la la la' "
» "Can't wait for Sunday's Mile High, when KC appears to shag someone to death. "
Also, someone made a reference to Hollyoaks being 'multi-layed' when they actually meant to say it was 'multi-layered'. Freudian slip or what?
Keep up the good work, people. Together we can rule the world.

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