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Many a mickle Macks a muckle . . .

While Crossroads stutters its way to its inevitable conclusion, Scotland's longest-running soap is also preparing to make its exit.
Okay, so filming of High Road finished two years ago, but they made enough episodes to last the distance.
And get this for a finale: Mairi (Annie Myatt) prepares to wed farmer Lachie McIvor (Alec Heggie) in what would be the best TV wedding since Scott and Charlene, if we had any idea who they were.
But, seconds before Mairi leaves for the church, she witnesses the most shocking sight in the whole of TV-soapdom.
Yes - Lachie's pigs have escaped, and our village bride gets splattered with mud as she chases them round the farm.
An hour late for the wedding, she arrives on the back of a motorbike as busybody Mrs Mack (Gwyneth Guthrie, pictured) begins to think poor Lachie's been stood up.
Sadly, the final won't rest on a cliffhanger, simply because the writers had no warning the show was ending when the axe was swung.
Nevertheless, it will be hankies at the ready for the final episode of High Road, which will be shown north of the border on April 27 at 7pm.

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