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Man alive!

Amazing things about April 10:
» Queer as Folk's Charlie Hunnam, who enjoys the dubious distinction of being the first boy to have been depicted getting rimmed in a prime-time drama series, is 23 today. He shares his birthday with Gloria Hunniford, 63, who has, to the best of our knowledge, never been depicted getting rimmed on TV, prime time or otherwise.
» On this day in 1633, bananas went on sale in Britain for the first time. As this led, indirectly, to the creation of Bananarama, it's definitely worth celebrating.
» In 1971, Jethro Tull played a concert in a cloud of tear gas after police fired cannisters into the audience. The worst things today's audiences have to contend with are radioactive glowsticks and deadly clouds of spray-on body glitter.
» It's the Scottish Newspaper of the Year awards in Glasgow's Holiday Inn tonight. They're obviously a total fucking travesty, though, as we work for a Scottish newspaper and have not been nominated in any of the categories.

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