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We're seriously thinking about going to see a Jackie Chan film

Yes, we know that's a rather rash statement to make, but we have a good reason.
Long-time readers will know that we're mad about Dream Team, Sky One's barking mad football soap. In particular, we loved Lynda Block, played by Alison King.
Lynda was Harchester United's queen of tragedy. During her four years in the show, she married the chairman, shagged the star striker, got dumped (several times), was shot by a hit man, got the club in her divorce settlement, lost it again, had an affair with the manager, got pregant, lost the baby, murdered someone, let her new lover take the blame, confessed and, finally, went to jail for her crime.
Anyway, the lovely Alison, who is the only woman for whom lowculture would break a particularly strict 'boys only' policy, left Dream Team at the end of the last series and, despite a poor attempt to introduce a lookey-likey, life has simply not been the same without her.
The point (and yes, we do have one) is that Alison is back! Fresh from a guest spot in Holby City a few weeks ago, she's now going to be lighting up the big screen, as 'Prostitute' in Shanghai Knights.
Be warned - anyone who tries to push in front of us in the queue at the cinema will get a VERY dirty look.

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