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Girls aloud!

Amazing things about April 11
» Hoorah! It's Whigfield's 33rd birthday. Head for a provincial gay nightclub this weekend and do the Saturday Night dance in her honour. Sharing her big day is Jill Gascoine, from CATS Eyes and The Gentle Touch (66) and Delroy from Five Star (33).
» EastEnders began its slide into creative oblivion with the addition of a third weekly episode in 1994. As with all notable episodes of the show, it featured Frank Butcher either leaving or coming back, but we forget which it was now.
» This time three years ago, Westlife were comfortably perched atop the charts with Fool Again. Will they ever get there again?
» A year ago, Jonathan Wilkes (he's Robbie's best mate, you know) revealed that Robbie was looking for a serious girlfriend and would love to have someone to come home to every night. Someone who wasn't Jonathan Wilkes, presumably (he was Robbie's flatmate, you know).

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