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Dynasty 2: The Holbys

What with one thing and another, we've missed our beloved Holby City for the last couple of weeks, but with the start of Kath's trial and the prospect of Chrissie gaining a mother who is as much of a slapper as her, the lure was just too great.
And were we disappointed? Certainly not. The Slutty Satsuma (ie Chrissie) was on fine form, and Gold Blend lady Sharon Maughan was splendid as her long lost ma ("I've brought you a wedding present – it's a silver coffee pot" indeed!).
Elsewhere, a touching romance is developing between Steve and Diane – which, in Holby City, is a definite harbinger of doom (see our new Spoiler Zone for the goss).
Yes, things are hotting up nicely – and that's before Dynasty's Emma Samms pitches up for a four-week guest spot. Our knees are trembling with excitement at the thought of what's to come.

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