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Hang out the Euro-bunting

Clouds are gathering. Walls are bleeding. Dogs are forming into packs. This can mean only one thing – it's nearly Eurovision Song Contest time.
Our very favourite thing about Eurovision season last year was the titanic force that is Lorraine Kelly. Our Lorraine presented the daily Liquid Eurovision programmes on BBC Choice, which was utterly fantastic and made us laugh so much that the neighbours thought there was something wrong with us.
The good news is that Lorraine will be back in the chair again, this time on the new BBC Three, for another series of Liquid Eurovision. And the great lady herself is already cock-a-hoop at the prospect.
"I look forward to the French song in the way that I look forward to my smear test," she told the BBC's Eurovision website. "Embarrassing, painful but afterwards you feel nothing but relief."
Keep the evening of Monday, May 19, and every other evening that week, free.

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