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Amazing things about April 13:
» Howard Keel is today's star birthday boy (he's 84). Amazingly, Keel is 'leek' backwards. Howard, of course, is famous for being Mr Ellie (Clayton Farlow) in Dallas. Peter Davison, star of Doctor Who and At Home With The Braithwaites, is 52.
» On this day in 1991, disgraced pop stars Milli Vanilli released the first single to actually feature their voices, instead of session musicians who could actually sing. It was not an unqualified success (or any other kind of success).
» It was reported in 2000 that sci-fi 'classic' Blake's 7 (which, by the end of the original series, had only five characters, none of whom were Blake) was set to return. We're still waiting.
» Animal Magic, with Johnny Morris, was broadcast for the first time, in 1962.

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