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Make sure mine's got a frothy head.

For everyone that has scoffed at the A-Team’s ability to construct a supertank out of little more than a Robin Reliant and an old chicken coop, lowculture has found a new reason to tune in to BBC2 on Wednesday nights.
Hollywood Science, with the help of clips from some of the world’s best known movies, lets us see if the big screen claims stand up to the home treatment.
Lab guinea pig Robert Llwellyn (left) does the bidding of expert Dr Jonathan Hare as they investigate – with very satisfying results – whether what we see in the movies can actually be carried out in the real world.
Last night’s episode, focusing on gross-out scenes, showed us how it is possible to make soap out of liposuction fat (Fight Club), albeit using a porcine alternative, and how it isn’t possible to eat a 6lb steak, even if you’re John Candy.
They even demonstrated how Kevin Costner turned his pish into water in ocean-romp Waterworld. Sadly, they didn’t let us know how to turn his pish film into a ratings winner.
More Hollywood Science next Wednesday at 7.30pm. This time, they'll be tackling big screen dangers a la Deep Blue Sea (water and electricity), The Last Castle (murderous helicopters), and A View To A Kill (Grace Jones. Sorry, we mean near-drowning).

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