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They're the Kids in America

WARBLE! American Idol, ITV2, 9.00pm, 10.00pm

This week American Idol moves from the audition stages to the 'final 24' stage. We realise this stage actually started last night, but the front page was pretty chocka yesterday. The 'final 24' stage of this show always strikes us as a bit bizarre: it's not the official public voting stage, yet the singers perform and the public vote. Maybe we are a little dense, but we don't fully get its purpose. We never fully got the audience voting rounds in Pop Idol either, to be honest. Still, it's nice to actually get to see some of the good singers in action before the very last stage, unlike in certain shows we can mention, X Factor.

It's probably too early to pick favourite contestants at this stage of the game because you run a very serious risk of having your heart broken, but certain people are already standing out for users of the forum including 'Proud Mary' (Danny) and Carly.

We wouldn't be so foolish as to predict winners and losers at this stage of the game, but let's just say there are way too many Daves and Davids that got through to the final 24, so we don't expect all of them to make the cut.

We don't know yet whether this will be a classic series. Certainly there have been a lot of good people that got through, but we're not sure anyone truly spectacular stood out. Perhaps that is the problem with this show in a way. There are so many good singers that it can sometimes be hard to find those who could be stars. Discuss.

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